Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thank Filled Day

Thanksgiving Day at the Chatterton Farm

Our fun day started when cousin Gracey and Zavier arrived with Uncle Beez and Aunt Lindsey. This was our first time to meet Zavier since he's two months younger than McKenna. The kids had fun exchanging Christmas presents and Christian and Gracey played so well together!

That's cutie pie Zavier in the background!

Gracey showing off the dress she got for McKenna!

Aunt Lindsey and Zavier.

Gracey was excited to get her first Polly Pockets!

McKenna and Zavier checking each other out!

Mary Ellen was busy in the kitchen most of the day getting ready for our big family meal.

And then the rest of the relatives started pouring in. Grampy Chat, Uncle Bob and Uncle Beez with Zavier!

The children's table! Trust me, that's just a few of the children. Gracey, Ella and Emma (yup, we've got an Emma on both sides of the family) playing Polly Pockets. We've also got a Hannah on both sides of the family.

Hannah, Joe, Jake and Luke (all siblings)!

Missy and Evan (can you guess who Evan looks like?)

The house was full, just the way you want it on Thanksgiving. Tons of kids running around, adults catching up and telling stories and lots of yummy food!

Luke got a cool hotwheels toy in the gift exchange.

Christian and Gracey both got MP3 players. You wouldn't believe how excited those two three year olds were about their MP3 players that didn't even have music on them yet. Christian knew exactly what it was when he opened it!

We wrapped up the night with our annual fireworks display. It wasn't as great as it usually is because I didn't let Ryan bring any with us this year. I just have issues with a car packed with children and fireworks....hmmm...just doesn't sound like a good combination to me. So next year we're going to have to do better.


It was a great day! We were thankful to finally make it to Illinois. Thankful to be back on the farm. Thankful to be able to visit with so many precious family members. Thankful for yummy food and early Christmas presents. Christian was definitely most thankful for the go-kart, but I'll save that for another post :)


Katy said...

Ha - fireworks in a car with children - i'm with you on that probably NOT being a good idea! :)

the mccollums... said...

What a fun vacation you had (besides the trips there and back)! I love, love seeing Christian having fun with his grandpa's tractors and farm life! What fun!! He must have been in heaven! He is such a cutie! I love seeing the top pic of your blog too...your kiddies are so beautiful!

Heidi said...

What fun things to do when in Illnois!! I love the picture in your header!