Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year - A New Blog

On January 1st I'm going to be launching our new family blog! http://ryanandjudy.blogspot.com/ (Don't check it out yet - I'm still working on it!) So make sure you bookmark it or change your link to my blog!

I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. The main reason is because I want to get our last name off of our blog. I want to keep our blog "open" but don't want to reveal too much info about our family. In our current blog I've posted about where we live and our last name. It would be super easy for anyone out there to find us. I'm not really worried about that, but I want to be wise in protecting my children. So our new blog doesn't mention our last name and I'm going to be a little more careful about not posting exactly where we live. I'm NOT going to use code names for my kids or anything like that! I guess I could use the nicknames Ryan always gives everyone (he's famous for ridiculous nicknames) but I think it would confuse everyone if I started referring to Christian as "fishstick) or McKenna as "the little Mohican." Don't even ask! Truly I have no idea the story behind Christian's nickname! Just look at McKenna's hair these days and you'll understand hers.

All of this was set into motion a few weeks ago when I got a rather creepy phone call from someone whom I do not know. They did however know my name and exactly where I live. I told them they could talk to my husband and they hung up. I haven't heard from this person again, but it got me thinking and I just want to be wise. You can see how many hits this old blog has had and probably half of those are from people who I do not know. I would love it if every person who visited our site would leave a comment, but apparently that's not realistic. I even allow anonymous comments, in the hopes that it will encourage people to leave comments. Just to be fair, I will say that I don't leave a comment every time I look at some one's blog. It's too time consuming to keep up with. But I have left at least one comment on every blog that I read. So the author of that blog at least knows that I'm there! I'm certainly not upset that people don't leave comments. It would be nice if they did occasionally, but it doesn't really bother me. If it did I would just make the blog private and not worry about it.

The other reason for a new blog is that I love for things to be brought to completion! I've been working (since August) on turning our blog into a book and it's bugging me that I don't have a good stopping point. Now I do!

Thanks for bearing with me in all of this :) I'll still be posting on this blog until 2009!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! You don't know me, but I sure enjoy following your blog. I have even thought of doing my own, but I am not that organized. I found your blog through Olivia's. I worked with Olivia's Grandma T for 12 years and her family became a very special one to me. Three years ago, I decided to stay home with my 3 young children, as my oldest was about to start kindergarten and he is a diabetic.(I didn't want to be an hour's drive away from him if something happened at school that he needed me. )He is now in 2nd grade and my middle is in first, my third is 5 and in his last year of preschool and we now have one on the way. I have wanted to leave a comment for so long but just never have, so your post today made me want to do it so you knew that I truly enjoy your posts and I am not one of those "strange" blog followers.
Thanks for sharing your lives with us!
Jen Weber

Jenn said...

hey judy... you'll have to help me link the new blog over to my site... i've wondered how to do that! can you tell i'm really not that good with technology?!

the*4*of*us said...

that is creepy! I sometimes think about that, but will most likely be changing ours over at some point to include baby :). I'm excited to see your new blog!!

Sarah Joy said...

Yes, creepy. We had someone look up Warrens work phone number, get his cell from the company and then call him to tell him how I could be healed! CREEPYY! I stopped allowing free reign on comments after that and put the map up so I could see more of who was watching me. I also became more aware of mentioning the children's schools adn our church and everything by name.... I asked you why you were changing your blog because I have thought of doing this for the same reason. And also for the reason of the blog book--- where does it end?I am with on this one girl . You have to protect yourself and the kids. I can't wait till its up and running.

Kristi said...

hey judy I was always a little scared about blogging. I wanted to keep in touch with friends and in turn keep up with friends far away. On the other aspesct anyone could be looking at your blog. most people have good intentions and are kind with comments but you just don't know. So I hear you with changing your blog. On my old blog I only said what state I was from nothing else. I don't even think I named my old church. I'm just a nervous nelly by nature. What can I say you just can't be to careful especialy when like you have children.
Miss you guys
Happy New Year!!