Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Monday was craft day! And today was cookie baking day (pictures of that another time). Check out what we made on Monday!
Rudolph made out of a footprint and two hand prints.
Snowman made with Christian's thumb print.

This makes a very cute gift!!

Poor Abby is always stuck with boys. Christian and Nathan at home and then lots of boys in her class at school. She's totally out numbered all the time. So to get a little girl time we invited our friend Kate to come over to make crafts with us!! In this picture the girls are filling their socks with rice to make their snowmen.

Abby's snowman.

Kate's snowman (You'll notice that Abby and Kate made the same exact snowman. Even their buttons are in the same exact color order. Isn't having a best friend great)!

Christian's guy that he named "snowman." Very original!

And Nate! Oh Nate! He spilled rice EVERYWHERE! From the stove, to the refrigerator, to the living room. What a disaster! He started crying immediately (and truth be told - I wanted to cry too) and I told him that I wasn't mad just disappointed that I would have a big mess to clean up. I think that made him feel even worse that I was disappointed, so he gave up on the snowman and refused to make one. Thankfully the sweet little guy recovered after his nap and ended up with a very cute snowman. I love this picture because he actually gave me a real smile. Not the squinty ones I usually get from a three year old.
Thanks for the great craft ideas SARAH! Don't you just love blogging! I would have never made these crafts if it wasn't for you and your blog!!


Heather said...

I LOVE that snowman...so cute!

Sarah said...

Oh, they turned out so cute adn I am so glad you guys had so much fun! Did you keep all the rice in the socks? I am still finding rice in my bed and I have washed my sheets 2x!I ended up making a snowman family for my Aunt of all three of the boys adn I made them look like each of them... tall and lean for Riley, stocky for Regs and a baby one for Scott... it was cute and she doesn't have kids so I know she will love this gift! I love the first craft, I did that one year with Riley but we may have to di that one again... his feet won't fit on the paper now but Reagan and Scott can still do it!

Sarah said...

hey jusy and fyi--- if you do the
1st one with sheets of craft foam, wiggly eyes adn a red pom pom for the nose for Miss Kenna, you can use it as an ornament (I have Ri and Reg like that from their 1st Xmas'). I will try to find it and post them so you can see.