Monday, December 29, 2008

McKenna's First Christmas - So much fun!!!!

McKenna's first Christmas was so much fun! Don't you just love the chair.
Clapping because she was so excited about her stocking!

McKenna's holding a baby doll that my grandmother, her great-grandmother, made.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Christian showing McKenna the new penguin teether he got for her.
Kisses for mommy! One of the best moments of Christmas!
McKenna did a pretty good job of opening presents. Although her brother was right there to help her each time a present needed to be opened!

That's the grin I get now whenever she sees the camera! She's learning early isn't she? And that's her new baby doll stroller/walker. I'm so excited to have pink toys!
Christian gave McKenna a new baby for Christmas and she loved it! Watch the video at the bottom to hear her squealing about it!


heatherlm said...

Merry 1st Christmas McKenna! She is so precious. I just love the little screeching in the video.