Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Top Ten Pictures from Thanksgiving

10. Christian and Gracey playing hide-and-seek on the farm! I love it because I just loved seeing them play together. By the way, hide-and-seek was not Christian's first choice of games to play. He wanted to "climb trees" but Gracey told him that "girls don't do that stuff." They are so funny together!
9. Ryan with his brother Robert ("Beez") and his nephew Zavier! I love this picture of the brothers with their babies!
8. McKenna's first picture with her Aunt Angel. This would have been perfect if I had taken the binkie out of her mouth. Oh well!

7. My two boys being boys!

6. I love this picture of McKenna and Brooklyn. I actually think I see some resemblance in the girls here. You can definitely tell that Brooklyn is used to being a great big sister to Olivia because she took such great care of McKenna. She played with her and kept her happy long past her bedtime. I could get a lot done around here if I had Brooklyn for a day!

5. Yes, Brooklyn and McKenna get to steal the show with two spots in my countdown. Don't you just love this picture? It's so sweet!

4. You would know why this is one of my favorite pictures if you had heard the squealing and giggling that went on when Aunt Ang was driving these two three year olds around in that go-kart. They were having the time of their lives. These cousins sure have a fun Aunt!

3. I almost made this picture of Gracey my number one favorite because she is just gorgeous and it really captures her spunky little personality. She was not afraid of that horse and probably would have walked off into the sunset with it all by herself.

2. Love it! Love the love these two have for each other even though they hardly know one another.

1. This is my favorite because it makes me cry. Christian was saying 'goodbye' to his Grampy Chatt. I love seeing Grampy Chatt with his two grandsons that will carry on the Chatterton family name. Christian loves his Grammy and Grampy so much. He wasn't shy at all when he first saw them and there wasn't any warm-up time needed. He was excited to be with them from the second he saw them. He is convinced that they're going to be here for Christmas even though I've told him that's not the case. I know he misses them. We all do!


Sarah said...

Love the last one! Oh my ... you can see their love. It is precious.

the mccollums... said...

I LOVE it...great countdown!!!

Jackie said...

I don't know you...and I am not a stalker! (just a friend of Heidi's), but I loved the spirit of Thankfulness in your photos! What a beautiful spirit! And what a wonderful way to post that Thanksfulness!