Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Slideshow

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This is the fastest and easiest way to share all of our Christmas pictures with you. I know this may not work that well for people with dial-up, but everyone else should be able to view this! Enjoy!


Eddie Sargent said...

I loved all the pics Judy, twas a little long, but still loved getting a glimpse into you and you family's world.

Sarah Joy said...

Great pics Judy! Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas fro you all. I don't think it was long at all... Mom's just take tons of pictures!

Sarah Joy said...

Why are you dumping this blog and starting a new one? And did you ever print your blog into a book? WSe are looking into doing it but I wanted to find someone who has done it already to see if they were happy with it.

Jenn said...

it looks like it was a great christmas for you and all the fam! you have some great pics of the kids on there...very precious faces as well.