Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Asking BIG!

McKenna and Olivia playing together over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Would you guys please keep our sweet cousin Olivia in your prayers. She is back in the hospital. You can check her blog for more details. We were really hoping that her family could have a normal Christmas this year (you might remember that Olivia, Praise God, came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve last year after a lengthy hospital visit). So everybody pray and I know she'll be home in no time!


Have any of you read Karen Kingsbury's book A Treasury of Christmas Miracles? I'm reading it right now. It's my kind of book; lots of short little stories (so lots of interruptions don't matter, I can still usually get an entire story read in a sitting) about modern day miracles that only the hand of God could have produced. These stories have been a great reminder to me of the very REAL God, who really LOVES us, who CARES about the small details of our lives. It's been making me realize that sometimes in my meager FAITH I ask for things that are way too small! So I'm asking BIG for Olivia! And dear college friend down there in VA, I'm asking BIG for you too! And precious sister who's going to be missing the laughter of her children on Christmas morning, I'm asking BIG for you too! Be STRONG and remember the words of the prophet Isaiah when he foretold the coming of JESUS. He called him a MIGHTY GOD and the PRINCE of PEACE! And even ask sickness dampens the holiday of another precious friend, the mommy of three boys, just know that I'm asking God for BIG things, BIG blessings for you and your gang. And to the friend who is heading to Africa and who is trusting God to provide the way, I can't wait to see the BIG way God is going to move!


"Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15


the*4*of*us said...

I'll have to pick that one up...I love her books! I have been praying for Olivia today...glad to see she is perking up.
As to your sweet sister..we have been there with my niece and while it's hard, it's possible to still enjoy the holiday. Just not as much :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your positive thoughts Judy...I will be praying for all of your friends and family....BIG!


The Chatt Pack said...

Thanks so much, as usual, Judy! We're heading home today!

Katy said...

You are precious Judy. I haven't seen that book, and I'm a HUGE Kingsbury fan (have you read all her other ones?) I'll have to see if it's at the library. I would LOVE it!