Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What we've been up to:

Teething - She finally got her first tooth on the 25th of September
First bath together!
Seriously...this was a huge hit with both of them. They both equally laughed, splashed, giggled and delighted their mom's heart!
We already had the boots and hat and now we've got a fireman raincoat!! He is thrilled and he rescued lots of imaginary people in the backyard today!

McKenna splashing in the tub!!

You've gotta watch this one! This is McKenna talking about her daddy. She's sitting up on her own, therefore a little wobbly. Hopefully it doesn't make you sick to watch it! She is just so darn cute I can hardly stand it!


heatherlm said...

Very cute! They both look like they are having a great time. Love the videos.

Eddie Sargent said...

So I broke down and made a blog, you have to check it out...


Heather said...

Well, McKenna got her first tooth before Liam...we still don't have any! I started looking for teeth 8 months ago, now I don't even look any more! I love the bath video of McKenna splashing, it's so cute. I love how she is lookig at you, you ask her to splash so she turns around and starts doing it!...and then she turns back to look at you as though to say, was that good mommy? Too cute! What a smart girl!
Heather W.

Katy said...

Bathtime is so much more fun with a friend! I still love putting all 3 of mine in there together -t hey totally love it! :)