Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Adventures

Doesn't this look like the perfect morning?

Hiking through the woods with our friend Jacob.
Digging in a little mud!
Frolicking in a field of sunflowers!I love how Abby still doesn't mind the camera.
Seriously beautiful!
Our special friend Jake! This is who the boys say is their best friend when they're mad at each other and decide they're not best friends anymore.Christian was carrying this stick the entire time!

Nathan looking for a beaver (those sticks were put there by people, not by a beaver, but you couldn't convince him of that).
A great morning in the great outdoors.
At least it was still great at this point!
Then we headed to the duck pond to feed some ducks.

Once the bread was gone the kids pretended to fish.
Can you see how this might possibly not turn out so well?

And that's how we ended up in the tub when we got home. I have no pictures of Nathan's fall into the duck pond. There was too much crying and too much nasty duck poop, algae filled, murky looking water with moss covered rocks that made it impossible for him to stand up. So I didn't take a picture as I was hauling him out of the pond. Not to worry, his head didn't even go under, but it was traumatic for him none the less. I can't count the number of times I said; "Get away from the edge." "Don't get so close." "I don't want you falling in!" It's like I knew it was going to happen. We've been to the duck pond innumerable times, but this is the first time we had a casualty. Abby ended up in the tub for an unrelated reason. She's in there because going to the bathroom behind a bush is rather complicated when your a girl - enough said! I'm normally not a fan of tub pictures on a blog, but this one completes the story of our morning, so I cropped it and decided to post it! You'll also notice that Abby refused to put her arm down in the water. That's because of the huge red welt under her arm. That is what happens when you pretend to be Tarzan with ropes on the swing set in the backyard. That was yesterday's drama! At least my life isn't boring!!


Heidi said...

Oh the adventures we have with little ones. Isn't amazing how something can be going so well and in the matter of a second everything just fall apart! But it's something I've come to expect each day. A calm day is often scary feeling. :) Where we're you hiking at?

Katy said...

Oh that is so funny Judy (I know, not funny for those involved, but funny for us readers!) I have said that a million times, and sometimes wished I could push them in to teach them a lesson about what "not too close" means! :) Poor little Nate & Abby - at least the first part was fun! (And PS - I love your camera angles - you've got a great eye!)

Sarah said...

I am laughing so hard because it could be me... oh yea... it is me! Judy--- you get two thumbs up for this one... I would have opted not top have photos of the duck poop as well!

Anonymous said...

Your days are always so adventurous! And amusing to us all :)

America's Funniest Videos would be ideal for most of your days!


the mccollums... said...

i love the post....way to lead up to the point through the pics and one-liners...A+. :) Poor Nate...sorry that we are laughing at your expense little buddy! :)

heatherlm said...

Judy, you are really starting to make my life sound soo boring! Looks like it was a great time until the fall. Christian looks like a serious hiker with that stick. Love the tub pic!

Douglas said...

I am sure glad that it was not Jake who ended up in the pond.... this time.. I am sure his time will come...

Jake's Dad

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

No certainly not boring!

Lori said...

It was a wonderful day!! I am so glad that you included us! Jake had to tell Daddy all about hiking through the woods with a stick to get Bear with. We will definitely have to go back there again!!!