Monday, September 8, 2008


We added another new toy today thanks to Nate! It took McKenna about 10 min. to figure out that you can bounce in this and once she got started she didn't want to stop. She keeps laughing at herself as she bounces!
McKenna wasn't the only one fascinated with this toy, Abby, Christian and Nate were hovering around dying to get their hands on this new toy as well, but I wouldn't let them. Can you just imagine poor little McKenna being bounced and rocked and swayed by a four year old, three year old and two year old? Not to worry, mommy was standing guard.
Whenever I see McKenna stand I realize just how big she's getting. Just for the record, she did not pull herself up, I put her there. She hung onto the side of the train table with one hand, while playing with a train in the other for quite awhile. Pretty amazing for a little girl who's not quite seven months old.


the*4*of*us said...

I can't believe she is so big--you need to post pictures of her in that cute polka dot dress!!! sister had one of those jumperoos for Nolan and the kids bounces ALL THE TIME...I don't think he's been in it for months, though! So maybe McKenna will have some strong legs, too!

Amy said...

Oh my word!! I can't believe she is standing, holding herself up like that. When I watched her the other night, she stood in my lap for the longest time! The jumperoo is something that you should video!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy. We need to see McKenna on video in the jumperoo.
She's getting so big.