Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trip to Martin's Mill Bridge

Isn't this covered bridge quaint?
It was ninety degrees today, so we wanted to find a relatively shady and cool spot to spend some time with Ryan's parents. This was the perfect spot!We explored the bridge......and then we headed down the path along the stream.Grammy and Grampy
Christian and Grampy having a little rest.
We found some swings...

and then it didn't take long for the kids to end up in the water.

Grampy contemplating whether or not to climb the tree out over the water. He didn't do it. Trust me - I would have had a picture of that!
Emma was so excited when I picked her up from the bus stop and told her I was taking her on a secret mission. Everyone else was already on the hike and Emma and I had to catch up with them. I pretty much had her convinced, as we were walking along the stream, that we were looking for Indians. She was looking up at the cliff and holding on to my hand quite worried that we were actually going to see some Indians. She was a little relieved when she spotted Uncle Ryan, Christian, McKenna, Grammy and Grampy. This girl has been watching a little too much Little House on the Prarie (but don't you just love that show??).
Christian and Emma played and played in the water. Christian kept asking for some toys to play with in the water and that made Ryan and I realize that we need to do this a little more often. We both grew up with sticks as fishing rods, leaves as boats, and rocks as canon balls. Once we explained to Christian that the rocks, leaves and sticks were his toys he was pretty content.

Oh, this girl just melts my heart!

Emma insisted that I take this picture so everyone could see this massive tree that fell over. The tree had been cut up, but it's root system was pretty impressive. Don't you just love Em's expression?
Christian was way too busy running up the trail and throwing rocks in the stream to be bothered with picture taking!
These two were worn out by the time we got back to the car, although they still didn't want to leave. This was the perfect way to spend an afternoon and I know we'll be going back this fall!


the*4*of*us said...

Great pictures!!!! Where in the world is that bridge? It's so neat!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! That stream reminds me of Deer Creek, only it's cleaner. You are right about playing with sticks and rocks and leaves. That's the best way to enjoy a stream, especially when you can get in it. It looks like everyone had a great afternoon. You need to take us there sometime. McKenna melts my heart too!
Love, Grandmom

Heather said...

What a cute bridge! Looks like everyone is having a great time. McKenna is getting so big! Look at her hair coming in!
Heather W.

Katy said...

What wonderful pictures! There's just something about being outside with the sounds of nature (and squealing kids) - I just love it!

Jenn said...

tell emma that little house is like, the best show ever! i grew up watching it as well and never wanted to miss an episode :)
i loved (and still do) playing in streams with sticks and such. i grew up with 2 brothers and all boy neighbors so we had lots of tom boy moments at the pond and under the bridge... what memories!