Thursday, September 4, 2008

They're Here

Grammy and Grampy Chatterton arrived in PA on Tuesday evening and we've been having a great time ever since.

Grammy and McKenna have been spending lots of time together!
And we've spent a lot of time just hanging out!

And Christian has giggled more in the last few days than he has all year. He loves playing with Grampy!
These two have really become buddies. Christian woke up at 7:20am on Wednesday morning (that's very early for my boy who doesn't nap) and immediately asked if Grampy was here to play yet. He was dressed and ready by 7:40am. This never ever happens in our house. Christian is not a morning person, but he has been this week.
We're so glad they're here!!


Katy said...

I've missed you! I know you've all been having fun together. Christian especially looks VERY happy and giggly - you're right about that! so cute!