Saturday, September 6, 2008

We'll miss you!

Goodbyes are never fun! We met Grammy and Grampy at Cracker Barrel this morning for a late breakfast and then they hit the road and began their journey back to Illinois. As soon as we got home Christian said, "I need my Grampy to come play with me."
Christian really is going to go through withdrawal because Grampy really does play with Christian pretty much non-stop when he's with him. It's been so much fun for him.
This was their very interesting game of checkers!

A big group hug until we see each other again for Thanksgiving!
Thanks for coming Grampy and Grammy. We made some great memories! You will be missed and talked about a lot! We're going to have to start talking about our trip to Illinois and all the tractors, wagons and doggies we'll get to see!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Ryan's parents finally got to meet McKenna in person and that Christian got so much special time with them. Thanks for blogging about all the fun he and his Grampy had together. I remember all the special memories I had with my granddad....those are ones that last forever.

See ya in a few weeks.


Jenn said...

hi, love reading your blog and catching up on what's happening in the chatterton house... sounds like everyone had a great visit!
by the way, i saw laurie is coming down to visit...i'm looking on coming sometime in oct as well, i wonder if we could meet up so i can see the kiddos! :)

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

I totally understand about Christian missing his Grampy. My Dad was here last week but it just wasn't the same for my daughter because my Mom (Granny)would always play with her so much during their visits. Dad tried but he just wasn't the same.
Only a couple of months till Thanksgiving, maybe it won't be too bad!