Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goodbye Summer

We'll miss you!
But, we have some great memories of friends and family and lots of adventures!

Strawberry picking
Blueberry picking
Outside with no coats
Special trips
The beach
Playing in the sand
Family time
The infamous zip line
Daddy time

Fireworks season (and it wasn't that bad)
Tree climbing
Becoming friends
Growing up
Water on a hot day
Yummy food
Stay tuned for all our fun fall adventures. Apples, pumpkins, hay rides and we come!


The Marklund's said...

all of these pictures are awesome....but i have to say that family time picture is hilarious! nathan's face is priceless! :)

Katy said...

I love how you were able to capture summer with all of these picture great! And now, here's to a wonderful fall!!!

the mccollums... said...

great little summer post! Its true...Monday welcomed the first day of Fall and all of a sudden the weather turned crisp on us...I love it!! :) Another season is here...I think its been a whole year since blogging...I love how we are able to capture and read each others lives!

Heather said...

Nice tribute to Summer (my favorite season!), on to Fall!
Heather W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful
summer pictures..You certainly keep
busy! I'm looking forward to your
autumn display.

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

hahaha, i agree with alisha! the family pic is sooo funny, nate's face is priceless... so, who is on the zipline (i couldn't figure it out)? you should've said bubbles for the water picture.. they are neat.
it really was a great summer :)

Anonymous said...

You have the ability to turn everyday, ordinary events into sweet and wonderful memories. Your day to day activities become fantastic adventures. Even the "not so great" episodes become moments of comic relief...even if it's not at that exact moment.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate each and every minute of your day, to recognize God's hand upon your day to day life experiences....and most of all sharing them with all of us.

I look forward to your fall blogging and pictures.


Judy said...

That's Emma on the zip line, in case you wanted to know!