Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here we go again!

Nate is spending the day with us today because he has pink eye AGAIN! I'm beginning to accept the fact that this just might become a part of our lives since Nate and Abby go to daycare a few days a week and Emma has brought it home from school before. It's just nasty and super contagious. This should have been a daycare day for Nate, but he's spending lots of time watching TV instead.
Nate is quarantined to my room in the hopes that Christian and McKenna won't get pink eye. Of course, Christian thinks it's totally unfair that Nate gets to eat lunch on a special table in bed. And he's been getting special toys to play with in bed (really it's nothing special, just a few matchbox cars and a race track...things that Christian could play with everyday if he wanted to).

So Christian and I had to find a special place to eat lunch. We've never eaten at the train table before, so this was very exciting!
Now he's happy!

McKenna took a 20 min. cat nap and is wide awake again, nothing like her usual three hour afternoon nap. So this could be a long afternoon. I'm hoping Nate will go to sleep and I'm going to try to send Christian outside. We'll see how it goes!


Erin said...

Okay Judy I just checked out the enitre blog and feel reconnected with your children and the Marshall Kids. Nate was hilarious about that Paciy. And falling in the duck pond, that is probably where the pink eye came from, it's a wonder his ears aren't infected. We are preparing to paint the childrens rooms after all, if you want to head south Saturday you are welcome too. LOL thought I would try. McKenna is growing so fast and is lovely. Christian looks so mature it is unreal! Miss all of you and love you tons!

Katy said...

UGh - pink eye is such a pain because it is So contagious and can spread like fire. Hopefully it's over with now, and everyone else is good!

Anonymous said...

Judy, I can just hear you, "Nathan, you get to stay in my room ALL DAY and watch TV. AND you get to eat on a SPECIAL table and play with these WONDERFUL TOYS!" All this while Christian is standing at your bedroom door watching. No wonder he needed a special place to eat lunch. You even make being sick a fun time!