Monday, September 22, 2008

Soccer Girl

We all went to Emma's soccer game this past Saturday! She does a great job of keeping her eye on the ball and paying attention to what's going on.
She's not too agressive, but the whole idea of being aggressive is new to her, so she's getting better about going after the ball (instead of just waiting for it to come to her).
This is about how she looks the whole time. Hot, sweaty and ready for a break!
There was another soccer game going on during Emmas.
Aren't they the cutest! I can't wait to see them playing for real on the same team one day!


Katy said...

Emma sort of has that look about her - maybe it's the ponytail. But she looks like a cute soccer player!! When Josiah played last year, he chased the ball around with everyone, but rarely "went after it". It's something they have to learn...that it's okay all of a sudden to be aggressive! Strange, I'm sure for them to process!