Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Super Reader

No, I'm not talking about the cute super readers on the new PBS show Super Why!

I'm talking about this Super Reader that showed up at our library last night! Trust me, I was the only mom taking a picture of him.

Christian did love Super Reader, although he was also quite interested in facing the wrong direction all while chewing on his shirt and pulling it up over head during the entire presentation. Now I'm wondering if he does this in Sunday School. Christian learned all about brushing his teeth and I learned that Christian needs to do this sort of structured thing more often. We did however walk away with a very cute free book and a toothbrush!


the mccollums... said...

cute, cute...i love the library!

Katy said...

love these library activities. My boys would have FLIPPED out to see Superreader there! (So have you checked out the Super Why show? it's so great!)

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive SUPER READER!