Wednesday, July 9, 2008

5 Months Old Today

I couldn't pick just one picture of this little cutie, so I'm posting a bunch!
This is McKenna in her exersaucer for the first time.
This girl is blessed with tons of baby gear. She inherited an exersaucer, bouncy seat, take along swing and kick and play thing from Christian. She inherited another exersaucer, another bouncy seat and a jumperoo from Nate! I just got her one of those Bumbo seats which I really like and I also bought her a really nice swing when she was born that we used almost daily for awhile. I love it that's she's old enough to try all this stuff now. Fun, Fun.
McKenna is extremely expressive with her eyes and she's such a good baby. I can take her anywhere, whenever, which is so nice.
I just thought you might want to see how chubby those little legs are getting.
So far McKenna has rolled over about 5 times. She can scoot really well. She loves bananas and eats sweet potatoes, peas and squash too.
We were at the doctor again this past weekend because McKenna has a little relapse of her pneumonia. Apparently tiny little baby lungs have a very hard time recovering from respiratory illnesses and so her bad cough and wheezing are back. Bless her heart, she smiles through it all. You would never know she was sick. We did find out that she weighs in at 14lbs 12oz.
Happy 5 Month Birthday sweet girl. You have brought tremendous joy to our lives. Honestly, I don't think Christian remembers what life was like before you. He loves you and messes with you all the time. You're big cousins Emma, Abby and Nate hover around you whenever they're here. Abby and Emma know how to take great care of you. Emma's just dying for the day when I let her feed you. You sleep through the night and take great naps ( a mini one in the morning and a giant one in the afternoon). You love your binkie and Nate makes sure you have it all the time. Daddy and I pray for you everyday and thank God for blessing us with such a precious girl.
You are greatly loved.


Heidi said...

McKenna is such a beauty! I'm so happy for you to have such a good baby! God knows exactly what each family needs!

the*4*of*us said...

such a sweetie!! Happy 5 months!!!

Katy said...

Oh those sweet rolly legs! I can't believe it. She seems like such a precious girl. I'm sorry to hear the pneumonia is back - I can't believe how happy and bright she still looks int he midst of all of that!

Luis and Christy said...

She is definitely holding onto more than 50% of her mom's DNA -- what a pretty litttle girl!

Anonymous said...

Loved and treasured by PopPop and Grandmom Brinkley too!