Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back Together Again

Christian was so excited to see his cousins yesterday morning. It had been 10 days! Emma met him on the steps as he was coming downstairs right after he woke ups. He squeezed her and didn't let go for awhile!
This is all four of the kids in a group hug!
Abby kept hugging Christian all morning. Don't let this fool you, by late afternoon we were having our usual squabbles again.
Let me explain this picture and the next one. McKenna has been super fussy for about 3 days now. Today she is running a little fever so I'm thinking that she might be teething. I went upstairs to put her down for her morning nap which has not been a quick thing these last few days. It's been taking some effort to get her to sleep. Anyway, Emma was working on her journal and the other three kids were watching TV. I thought everyone was well occupied. When I came back downstairs 15 min. later all the kids were at the kitchen table with practically every crayon, coloring book, work book, marker, stamper, snack, etc, that we own. Emma had decided that she wanted to teach school. Her three little shadows easily complied when she told them they would be having snack time at school. She found them all some sort of lunch box and packed them snacks and dug out all the backpacks that we own. It was quite a sight. Notice all the snacks in the pictures: cookies, cheese nips, doughnut holes - just about every unhealthy thing that we have in our house. Just for the record we do have healthy choices too, but apparently those were not so attractive. I guess I should just be happy that they weren't eating popsicles.
Notice how Nate has one bag of cookies on the table and another in his hand!
Story time!
Can you see McKenna in this picture? She got lots of attention yesterday too, no wonder the poor girl has been so fussy. She's the star attraction in our house.

It was great to have everyone back together again. And the neighborhood kids must love it too because we had lots of extra kids around yesterday too. Our little pool was packed! And even though I'm soooo tired, my heart is full!


the mccollums... said...

cute cute cute---a little family reunion!! I love that they love each other so much!

Heidi said...

It's so neat to see how close the kids have become come!

Jake and Nikki said...

I'm glad everyone is united again. I felt badly for Christian that he missed his cousins so much. They missed him too and talked about him and McKenna throughout the week. Judy, you have your hands full once again! Another break is on the way in 9 days!
PS Abby's green swimsuit belongs to Amy and it was helpful. It would be a good investment for McKenna (plus, she would look adorable in it!).

Katy said...

I love the pictures of the reunion hugs - that is so precious! You can just feel the SQUEEZE!!! And as for the "school scene" - that is HILARIOUS! Guess she's ready to follow in your footsteps!