Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Emma has been taking swimming lessons for a week now. She's been staying with my parents so they can take her to her lessons everyday (If I had to do this you know the circus that I would be dragging along with me, so it's been great that my parents are keeping Emma for 2 weeks, taking her to lessons and giving her lots of special attention). Anyway, Emma is the girl who hates to have her hair washed because she doesn't like water in her face. She's the girl that wore a swim ring in my pool when I first set it up, even though the water was barely up to her waist. Water makes Emma nervous, but her dad has been working with her at the hotel pool when he comes to visit and the real break through has been these lesson. I was utterly in shock at the stuff she was going. I'm including some videos on here because her mom and dad have got to see her awesome new skills and the lack of fear she now has. Keep in mind that I was trying to take these pictures and video from a balcony so they're not that great(that's where parents have to sit).

I can't believe that she's swimming for real with her face in the water!!!

As we were walking across the parking lot when we first got to swimmiming lessons, Christian tripped and skinned both of his knees pretty badly. Then I had to carry him, all 35.6 pounds of him and his bloody knees up two flights of stairs to the balcony. He continued to cry and whine about his knees for the next 30 min. He finally stopped and started paying attention to Emma when she started making the "train" you see in this video. You know Christian loves anything that involves trains. His knees were quickly forgotten and all of a sudden he really wanted to take swimming lessons too.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Emma! You'll be swimmming like a pro in no time
-Miss Laurie

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!!! You look like a fish...all you have to do is grow some gills :)! You have been telling me all about your lessons and it's nice to see what you've been doing. I can't wait for you to show me your new skills when we go to Martha's Vineyard in a couple weeks. I love you sweetie and am so, so proud of you. Give Abby and Nate a snuggle for me.
--Love, Dad

the mccollums... said...

Looks like this is Emma's summer of learning new things! How great.

Jessica said...

Wow Emma! That's great! You swim better than me!! : )