Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where has this week gone???

This week the Marshalls were in Massachusetts so I had big plans. Reading, cleaning, napping, organizing kind of plans. Well, none of those things ended up happening. Instead we went to the Carnival, spent a day at the lake, had a visit with our friends the Smiths, went to the pool with our neighbor, cooked out, and watched movies! A great week, but very, very busy! And next week will be about the same, so stay tuned!

On Thursday my friends Sarah, from my High School years, stopped by with her husband and three boys. It had been about a year since I had seen them, so it was so great to catch up and I'm so thankful they went out of their way to see us!

Scott is the youngest Smith! He was happy to be out of the car!
The boys were so cute with McKenna. Riley, the oldest, got to hold her!
Our attempt at getting a picture of all six. Christian was having a hard time cooperating at this point. (Reagan, Scott, Riley, McKenna & Christian)
It's hard for me to believe how big Riley is. He gets taller every time I see him.
Sarah with her baby, Scott, and my baby girl!
Thank you Warren and Sarah for stopping by. We always love seeing you. I hope the trip home went well and that everybody slept at least for a little while!

Sorry that the video is sideways. I don't know how to rotate it, but in it Christian is talking about his new shirts that the Smiths brought him. He has a Thomas one and a Cars one and they have a button you can press and they make noise. Sarah where did you get these shirts?? They are Christian's new favorite thing. He wore both of them yesterday (he kept switching) and put one on again this morning!!
On Friday we went to the pool with my neighbor and her grandson Charlie. Christian had a great time swimming in 2 pools and playing in the huge sand area. We stayed for 3 hours which was a lot longer than I thought we would last. McKenna got in the pool a couple different times and even took a nap. She was perfect!

Christian and McKenna taking their first bath together! McKenna is not quite big enough for her bathseat, but we gave it a try.

Christian is still missing Emma, Abby and Nate, but he's been so busy that he hasn't really had time to mope around about it. Lots of things remind him of them and he talks about them constantly, so we can't wait to see them bright and early on Monday morning. Yippee!


Jake and Nikki said...

Hi Christian!
We miss you so much and we can't wait to see you. And McKenna we miss you too. See you soon !
Emma, Abby & Nate

Katy said...

How fun that Sarah and her family got to come - she looks fabulous...doesn't look like she's changed much at all! I hope you had a wonderful visit together - I know you've had a great week with your family for sure!

Erin said...

It's been a great week to get things done. Family things. We are really trying to focus on family (just the 5 of us) activities, to forge memories. They grow up so fast. Glad you guys where able to have such a good time.