Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Time

I've definitely been cherishing our family moments together. McKenna is becoming more and more of a daddy's girl and her daddy is loving it! Unfortunately, Ryan is traveling this week so I'm heading out of town for two days. If the weather cooperates I'll have more of our adventures to share with you!


Sarah said...

I am looking at your blog adn it just went form white to green cute polka dots! You are at it again! I am glad you had some good family time with Ryan home! That is a wonderful thing!

Erin said...

Glad you guys have had such opportunity's to bond as a family. I guess when you say you are heading out of town you are headed to your parent's? Have fun where ever you go!

Katy said...

We have had that same baby float for all our kids too - mcKenna looks so cute in it!!! The next time Ryan heads out of town, you need to head down here to the beach! Seriously Judy - it would be the BEST!!! Can you imagine the fun we'd all have together - you could even bring Amy's kids - one big party!