Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is definitely not a great picture (Emma is the one already on the bus in the hat), but it's the only one I have. Emma is going to day camp at Camp JoyEl this week. I take her to a bus stop up the road at 8:30am every morning and then pick her up at 4:30pm every afternoon. Yesterday was one of those "first day of school" moments. Emma was really nervous about camp, but she's always so brave with trying new things. Despite her butterflies she got on the bus, with no one that she knew, sat by herself and went to a place she had never been to before. I, of course, had tears in my eyes and prayed all day that she would have a great time, but I didn't follow the bus :) And boy did that prayer get answered. She could hardly wait to go back today. She is loving having new friends, a very cool camp counselor, swimming in the pool, funny skits in chapel, go karts, a secret girls club house and a water slide. Who wouldn't love all that!! Abby is definitely going next year! Today in the "secret girls clubhouse" Emma got to put on make-up because she learned that she is a princess because she is a "child of the King of Kings - Jesus." Isn't that the best! In chapel she learned about Nehemiah and she told me the whole story about him building the wall. Awesome! I love it that she's learning Bible stories that aren't the typical ones you always hear when you're a kid. Amy will probably be blogging about this camp experience a little more because Emma actually took some pictures on her camera, so click on over to Amy's blog and start bugging her to post those pictures :)
I titled this blog: SUCCESS for a reason. Here is a chronicle of our successes for today:
1. Everyone dress and fed by 8am!
2. Everyone in the car, Emma to the bus stop by 8:30am
3. To the park by 8:40am
4. All four to Toys R Us by 10am...got what we went for and didn't buy a bunch of junk (no one begged for anything).
5.Sams Club with all four by 10:45am. We've worked out a great system. Both boys in the cart and Abby pushes McKenna in the stroller. McKenna slept through it all even though she was pushed into a few displays and a few people...oops!
6. Home in time for lunch
7. Check out our naptime situation

One down!

Two Down Three Down
Four Down
All at the same time, so I skipped the laundry and cleaning and went to sleep too! Oh thank you Lord! It's the little things in life that count...like my husband grilling dinner right now. Have I had a great day or what?


Luis and Christy said...

What a good busy day you had and I am happy that you slept too. I can just imagine this group traveling through Sams -- I bet your well-oiled machine looked so cute!

Heather said...

wow, what a busy day! Emma's camp sounds like fun! veryone had a nap??? It can't get any better!
Heather W.

Heidi said...

What a day! You are one brave lady! I'm glad Emma is enjoying camp! Those were my old stompin' grounds. Even the place where I met my hubby!!

the mccollums... said...

I love it...ha ha...I'm having a hard time this week with my nieces just getting one to camp by 8:30. I"m always like 5-10 minutes late and being a teacher that drives me nuts!! :) I actually had tears last night after bed-time because I felt so bad for getting on my niece ...ah, am I ready for motherhood?? I didn't think so last night but I realized after Daniel reminded me that with us it will be one baby at a time instead of 2 this week. Its been a fun week despite my feelings of inadequacy--Judy, you have so much to teach me! :)

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

You are a wise woman to sleep when the babies are sleeping! Some people never learn that important lesson and are doomed to be cranky! Hope the rest of your week continues to go so well.

Katy said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day - Good for you Judy!!! I am SO glad to hear you skipped the chores and took a nap yourself! You rock! God is so good to give us those days...it's what keeps us going on the not so good days, right? Awesome! And Emma's camp sounds incredible - what a blessing!!!

Erin said...

Rest! That's wonderful Judy! I have plans to do so today hopefully. Although I can hear toys being dumped behind me now as I type. We have had 102-106 heat index's past few days and it makes the kids crazy. Hope the napping streak maintains speed! Napping helps everyones mental health and love for one another! Chugging 4 kids around town is no easy task either--but on days it goes so smoothly are the best days!

PastorEddie7 said...

It looks like Abby is Saying "Strawberry Shortcake," Well more like a word balloon.