Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Dates with Christian

Christian and I got to spend some special time together on Saturday. Time with just one child is such a treat. We went to AC Moore because they were giving away free trains that you could color yourself. (My friend Katy gave me the heads up about this. She always knows what's going on. Thanks Katy!)
Christian was thrilled with his new train that he named Edward. Edward is one of the real Thomas trains that he doesn't have, so now he has his own version. Of course the train making table was set up in the middle of their Thomas train display so I got suckered into buying another train. So we went home with 'Edward' and Trevor.
Then we went to a McDonalds that has a very cool train theme. Notice Trevor and 'Edward' in this picture.

This is the model train that wraps around the ceiling all over the restaurant. Very entertaining.
On our way home we stopped by a Mennonite farm to buy some corn on the cob. Our area has a very large Mennonite community which we love. Lots of farms, fresh produce, crafty places, and an awesome car mechanic that we trust! Anyway we pulled into the farm and about half a dozen precious children appeared. I was buying some corn and I turned around to see Christian holding a kitten. The kids let Christian hold five different cats and pet their dog. Christian really wanted to stay and play with them and I wouldn't have minded a bit. He loves farms and attention from other kids.
It was a very sweet day with my boy!


the*4*of*us said...

How fun!!! We do girl days and boy days and the kids love it! And Wyatt LOVES that McDonalds--we've only been a few times but it's fun!
We have some very, very sweet baby kittens and could fix Christian up with his very own to play with ;).
It looks like you guys had a great special day!

Daniel said...

that is so sweet....what a sweet boy!! I bet he loved his Mommy time!

Erin said...

Days like that are rare. And become more rare the more children you add to the picture. What a fun McDonald's!

Heidi said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish that I could have worked things out to take the boys, but Addie had already missed one nap in the morning.

Anonymous said...

How nice that Ryan is willing to take care of McKenna (not that that's a hardship!) so that you and Christian can have special time together. Thanks Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I see that Christian's love for trains is still going strong! He is just too cute. ~Love, Heather(Auntie)

Katy said...

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your date together. those times are so special - for the both of you! I'm still so sad that I couldn't take the boys - they would have LOVED it! And how come you have the coolest mcdonald's ever? A train track? That's awesome!