Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thanks Grandmom!

Thanks Grandmom for these cool new matching Thomas shirts. Nate was particularly thrilled to put this shirt on this morning. The boys have been showing everyone their shirts all day. We were at church this morning and whenever Christian saw someone new he would point to himself and say "One Thomas" then point to Nate and say "Two Thomas."

I just have to share this cute story. We were driving past the Christmas tree in our town square today and I told Abby that they were going to take it down this week because Christmas is over. She wanted to know just how they were going to get it down, so I told her how I thought they would take it down. Abby was silent for awhile and then she told me that she thought I was wrong. I asked her how she thought they would get it down and this is what she said; "I think the people in the town will call some of their beaver friends and the beavers will come help them. They'll use their big strong teeth and eat the tree and cut it right down. Then the town people can take the tree and plant it somewhere else." She's a creative girl isn't she?!


Katy said...

How cute - one thomas, two thomas!! They are going to be like brothers!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the boys are enjoying their shirts. They probably won't like to dress alike when they are olde, but it is sure cute for now. Adam has one too. I love being Grandmom!
Mom (Grandmom)

the mccollums... said...

cute story...and cute shirts. I have some boys in my class who would love those shirts. One mom made a Thomas engine Halloween was very creative! :)

Anonymous said...

Please tell Abby that Aunt Anna needs the beavers to come to my house too. We have a tree that REALLY needs to come down. Very cute shirts too. :) Anna

Anonymous said...

i just love the imagination of children... it's sooo precious! that's sad the tree has to come down, it's sooo pretty.