Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dodge Ball Tournament!

For those of you who think Dodgeball is an elementary school gym game, think again!! Ryan and his coworkers entered a corporate dodgeball tournament this weekend. All week Ryan's motto was "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." (You would probably have to watch the movie Dodgeball to get the full humor of that quote...I haven't seen it). Well, apparently dodging a ball wasn't quite as easy as the TNT gang thought it would be. I think they've decided to practice a little before next years tournament, since they didn't win any of their game today. The whole thing was still quite amusing and I think all the guys had a good time anyway.
Josh, Ryan and Kurt!
The cheerleading section.
Christian and Nate were particularly impressed with this ball game. We weren't sure if they would actually sit and watch, but they did.
Christian was a little worn out on the way home from the tournament! It was all so exciting!


Anonymous said...

I hope the guys do it again next year! It was totally fun to watch, and all the kids loved it! Go TNT!!

Katy said...

That's hilarious!! I LOVED dodgeball, but I'm sure that it was a little over the top competitive and SERIOUS for me! :)