Thursday, January 17, 2008

An eventful evening!

Today we had our first big snow event of 2008! It basically snowed all day and we ended up with about four, very wet, thick inches. The three younger kids and I spent the morning running errands, then it was lunch time, then nap time, so we didn't actually get to play in the snow until this evening. When my sister got off work, she walked in the door of my house to four very excited kids already in their snowsuits. I handed her a pair of my ski pants and told her good luck!! So she headed out the backdoor with the bundled up kiddos and I headed out the front door for a doctor's appointment. The kids had a blast playing in the dark (we have two spotlights in the backyard, so it wasn't really that dark) in the snow.
Do you not love the look of delight on this little snow angel's face?
Nate is definitely a little monkey and a kangaroo sometimes too. He loves to climb and jump.

Ryan should like this picture, it almost looks like Christian's getting ready to "pitch" that snowball.
Emma going after the lady with the camera (her mom).
See how the snow was still coming down?!
One of the kids favorite things to do is actually sliding down the sliding board on our swing set with snow on it. You can really get some speed, especially with wet snow pants on! These kids also love swinging, no matter the weather!
Nate figuring out how to make a snowball.

The other part of our eventful evening had to do with my doctor's appointment. I'm one centimeter dilated (I was hoping for more, but that's okay. One down, nine more to go). The doctor actually sent me over to the hospital for some monitoring. I was not expecting this and quite honestly I didn't think it was all that necessary, but they insisted. So I headed to the hospital for heart rate monitoring for the baby and a non-stress test. I found out that I'm actually having a lot of contractions which is fine with me as long as I can't feel them. The baby is also in a rather unusual position, which is what got everyone all concerned. She's head down, but face up (it would be best if she would be face down before she's born). In other words, her back is against my back which makes it harder for them to get a good heart rate and it makes it harder for me to feel all her little movements. They sent me home after about an hour, much to my relief. Ryan has been traveling for work and he's about 5 hours away right now, so I have no desire to have this baby until he's home. Thankfully, all is well!


Anonymous said...

It was a really fun night, until everyone's hands started getting wet and cold. I pulled the boys on the sleds for a while, but the slide is the all time favorite! Good memories:)

the mccollums... said...

oh, good...glad everything is okay right now...I'm hoping that she turns around, right, wouldn't that be best for delivery?
and i'm glad the kids got snow to play with...they would have been dissappointed around these parts...though there are snowmen made in some 'hoods around here. :)

Heather said...

The snow looks fun...we got some here too. I CANNOT WAIT for the arrival of the newest Chatterton, know that I pray for you EVERY DAY!! Addison sends her love as well. LOVE YOU!

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

Wonderful Aunt Amy/Mom taking everyone out in the snow!~ The kids look as happy as mine do here in Charlotte with our first snow falling. What great memories for all of you!
Judy, I am glad everything turned out ok last night. I will keep praying for you. God's timing is perfect andhe knows exactly when that little bundle of joy will make her grand entrance!I can't wait to hear the good report. I was putting stuff in a box for her this morning. Hopefully I will get it finished this week and in the mail by early next week.

Katy said...

Oh Judy, I'll be anxious to hear how you are doing these coming days and weeks!!! Jacob was actually born face up, so it can be done!!!! I had a non-stress test with him for the same reason. hang in there!!! You're going to make it!!!

PS - do they make maternity snow pants? I bet you'd be so cute!

Anonymous said...

Eveyone looks like they had a great time. We went out and built a little snowman, which promptly melted the next day. We will be praying for you and the baby. I'm glad everything is okay.