Monday, January 7, 2008

A special lunch!

Picture L to R: Julia, Emma, Ella and Aiden
Today Ryan, Christian and I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Emma and her friends at school. It was "Parent Day" so lots of other moms, dads, aunt, uncles, grandparents and even some great grandparents were there too. Emma knew that I was coming, but Christian and Uncle Ryan were a surprise. Quite honestly, I could have skipped the whole thing. Emma was just thrilled that Uncle Ryan got off work to come have lunch with her, she really could have cared less that I showed up. (It's funny how the men always get all the glory). We were treated to a cafeteria lunch of chicken patty sandwich, applesauce, potato wedges and milk. Christian actually ate really well and thought that recess after lunch was a grand time. Emma and her friends followed Christian around and "took care" of him the whole time. I don't think Christian has ever played with that many kids. It's in the sixties today, so it was a great day for playing outside! It was nice to meet some of Emma's friends who we hear so much about all the time. Particularly Aiden, who is apparently in love with Emma (that is top secret information that is only shared with a privileged few).


Katy said...

How special for Ryan to have taken the time off to be there for Emma. Too bad it was just for cafeteria food! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I think it's cute how Emma towers over her friends! We hear about Julia, Ella and Aiden all the time at our house, as well as many other new friends. I am so thrilled that Emma's first experience in a real school has been so great for her!!