Monday, January 28, 2008

Potty Trouble....Updated

This is a picture of Christian smiling as he peeks out from behind the bathroom door. Trust me...he was the only one smiling in our house at that time. Christian was actually sitting on a stool watching daddy try to unclog the toilet.

You see, Christian and his side kick Abby got a bath toy out of the tub today. It was one of those rubber squirty fish that's just a little bigger than a golf ball. I'm not quite sure who's idea it was, but I think it was Christian who threw the fishy in the toilet and then flushed. The fish went down, but of course not all the way. Since Abby couldn't see the fish anymore she went ahead and used the potty and then flushed again. Thankfully there was no overflow on the floor, but she quickly came running to give me her version of what happen.

So Ryan tried unsuccessfully to fish the fishy out! I guess I'll be calling a plumber in the morning. I'm hoping this doesn't cost a fortune and that the fish is stuck somewhere in the toilet and not in a pipe in the house somewhere (oh that would be terrible).

The plumber just left and he was able to fish the fish out of the toilet. He did have to unbolt the toilet from the floor and the whole thing took about half an hour, but we are now fish free. Thankfully I don't think that it's going to cost a fortune either. I did get a little more "truth" out of our culprits this morning. Christian was the one taking all the action (finding the fish, putting it in the potty and flushing) but Abby was instructing him the entire time. They are quite the team!


the mccollums... said...

oh man...that poor fishy is probably seeing more than he wanted to. all I can think of now is Finding Nemo...I hope all goes well with the plumber!

Anonymous said...

I will freely admit to everyone that instead of immediately apologizing for my daughter's part in this drama, when Judy relayed the story to me I cracked up laughing! I couldn't help it! The good news is that Judy was laughing too. I'm guessing that Ryan wasn't as amused as I was!

the*4*of*us said...

oh judy---you definitely need to be writing all of this down, so that in 25 years you can remind them of everything...and see what all you survived!

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

Amy and Judy,
I am so laughing!! I have had a cup stuck in the toilet (Riley did that when he was four). And at the time Warren was out of town! I pray this is the final toilet adventure in your house!

The Rupps said...

your blog looks so good! i really like the layout and all the photo features, really fun to look at :) it's fun to keep up with you in this way- and you are in my thoughts as you go through the daily adventures with so many children!! it's so special that you are able to help, but i know it must be so much work as well- take care of yourself in these last few weeks before baby.....!

Katy said...

Oh man...I'm glad it had a happy ending!!! We've had our fair share of toilet issues here too...most of then involve TWO Culprits, for sure!!!

Katy said...

Oh man...I'm glad it had a happy ending!!! We've had our fair share of toilet issues here too...most of then involve TWO Culprits, for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

At least you know the kids know how to play "follow the leader" (ha-ha). How could you even get mad at that adorable looking face. Hysterically funny story!!
Christian, Abby, and Nathan are creating many memories for you.