Thursday, January 24, 2008

The two year old tag team!!

Whenever there is an extended period of silence in my house it's usually not a good thing. Abby is smart enough it vacate the area when trouble is brewing and occasionally she clues me in on what's happening. Honestly, I think she enjoys watching it all go down, so she doesn't usually give me an immediate report. The boys, however, take action and worry about the consequences later. Lately they have become quite a team. On one hand, I'm happy that they are getting along and learning to play well with one another. On the other hand, it's exhausting and usually creates a lot more work for me.

I took this picture of the boys from the upstairs of our house, looking all the way down into the family room. They found a tub of baby boy stuff, that I had just gone through (I got out all the yellow stuff) and I was going to put the tub back in the crawl space. They managed to get it open and were having a grand time with all the baby bottles, blankets, clothes and toys. Everything was strewn everywhere. Every baby bottle had been in someones mouth. The tub quickly became a boat and then was flipped over so they could jump on it (that was a recipe for disaster). At least they're creative. The sad thing is that this in very minor compared to some of the disasters we've had. I normally don't have the presence of mind to snap a picture when it's something more major!

I know that some people wonder what a stay-at-home mom does all day. I know exactly how my day is spent....CLEANING UP!


the mccollums... said...

that is hilarous!! It is funny how you know something is brewing when its quiet! I feel llike in my classroom I am getting to the point where I am used to the noise level but when it is quiet is when something is wrong! :)

I'm glad you took the picture...little cuties!

Warren, Sarah, Riley, Reagan-David and Scott-Wesley said...

See what little boys can do; they are so creative! My boys would have made a boat out of that tub as well, in fact they have done that before!
You must be so exhausted Judy!

Anonymous said...

My babysitter learned the hard way that when Robert was quiet, he was usually doing something "adventurous". The first time we left her overnight with him, he painted a wall with bright red nailpolish!

I know you treasure these moments just as much as those cuddly ones.


Katy said...

Yep - I spent probably an hour of my day putting things BACK in cabinets that Callie has learned to take out!!!! The warning sign is universal - quiet means they are up to something!! And yes, be forewarned - the baby's stuff - toys, bottles, whatever - will become everyone's new favorite things to play with!