Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome Addison Nicole!!

Just for the record...this isn't my baby. Don't worry, I didn't have her early. My dear friend Heather had Addison a few weeks ago and Emma and I were able to visit her yesterday. This was great practice for Emma. Doesn't she totally look like a pro holding this tiny baby??!!
Emma was thrilled that Addison woke up while she was holding her. She told everyone the rest of the day that she had "the magic touch" with babies.
What sweet little friends!


Anonymous said...

What a precious baby girl. We are so thankful that she is such a healthy, beautiful baby. Emma was thrilled to hold her and shared the experience with me, blow by blow. Congratulations Heather and Marcus.
Grandmom B.

Katy said...

How cute she is holding Addison! A friend of mine just found out she's having a girl and is thinking about Addison for a name - I love it!! I will admit, all these posts about new additions and new babies makes my heart skip a jump thinking that's it's YOUR baby!! NOT YET!!

heather said...

Emma was a natural, and I am so thankful that both of you came to visit. I love these precious pictures, and Addison and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. I can't wait for the arrival of the newest chatterton!!

Anonymous said...

Good practicing Emma!!