Sunday, December 9, 2007

Applewood Farm!

On Saturday we went to Applewood Farm! This is a special place that is near my parent's house and they have now taken all of their grandchildren there. Christian was the last to enjoy this special treat, but he's been anticipating it because Abby's been talking to him about it for days.
The absolute highlight of the day was our ride on the Applewood Express. Christian is such a train fan, so this was thrilling for him.

PopPop, Christian and Ryan enjoying their train ride.
Everytime the train would blow it's whistle Christian would get this precious look on his face. He could have stayed on that train all day!
We encountered lots of mud at the farm. It was a forty degree day, so the snow was melting and leaving a mess behind. It had even rained in the morning. Christian didn't seem to mind.

It doesn't get any better than this when you're two!! Christian had a grand time in the mud!

This is a real reindeer, not a caribou! We learned a lot about the difference between the two and we even got to hear the clicking noise their feet make when they walk. (You know the song "Up on the Rooftop" that talks about how the reindeer go "click, click, click"...well they really do make that sound. Apparently a tendon in their hoof snaps against a bone when they walk.) There were so many different things to do that I'm not even going to post pictures of everything, but if you live in Harford County, MD this is a great place to go next year. Train displays, a gift shop, tractors rides, a Christmas tree farm, petting zoo, train ride, real reindeer, pony rides, horse drawn buggy rides,etc. Our best attempt at a family picture! This was taken on our hay ride through the Christmas tree farm.


the mccollums... said...

oh, what great memories that you guys had with Christian...not many months more that it will just be the 3 of you! :) It is a special Christmas for you guys and Christian. Looks like you guys had a busy weekend in MD. I love the cookie pictures with your parents. So cute.

Anonymous said...

The last three weekends have just been the best all year. First we took Amy's family to Applewood Farm, then Tim's and finally Judy's. We've enjoyed this special place and time with all of our grandchildren and hope to make it a yearly tradition. Making Christmas Cookies was also fun, but exhausting! Christian by far was the easiest, because there was only one of him. We look forward to sharing that tradition with his little sister also in the years to come. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! We hope you truly enjoy this special season with your family as we all celebrate the wonderful birth of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Grandmom Brinkley

Katy said...

you look soooo great, judy!!! the farm looks like so much fun that you all got to go! my boys are going to go nuts to see the reindeer picture!