Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making Ornaments!!

One of my favorite things about having a blog is how it keeps me in touch with friends that I otherwise may not hear from too often. My dear friend Katy has a blog and she posted this fun little project with recipe. She did this project with her boys. Believe it or not that brown gooey stuff is a mixture of applesauce and Cinnamon and we made ornaments out of it.
Of course the two year olds and four year old had to point out that the dough looked like poop. But Abby assured me that it didn't taste like it, she checked. Gotta love it.

Can you tell that these children are used to having their pictures taken??
Nathan didn't actually end up making an ornament. After he was done playing with his sticky mess, I rolled the dough out again and made him a few ornaments. He'll never know the difference.

Christian admiring his Christmas tree ornament.

Nate broke a his first ornament, so this was the second try.

Abby hanging her angel!


Anonymous said...

This is very cool. Every year I decide I want to do this and every year I don't. I'm still praying for Olivia. Thanks for the update.

Katy said...

yep, it looked like poop, and yep, it didn't taste good at all (Jacob thought it would taste like sugar since it looked like cookie dough)...but wasn't it fun??? so glad you enjoyed it, my dear friend!

Anonymous said...

This looks like great fun, for the kids. I imagine your house smelled wonderful!