Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Joy!

These children love music and have a great time dancing around together!
They are also very opinionated about what music they like. When we ride in the car I usually don't get to pick what we listen to, I'm always overruled.
Their favorite songs right now:
Jingle Bells -Any version will do!
Joy By: Avalon
Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday By:N sync (I'm embarassed to even admit that one, but we heard it on the radio and they loved it, so I downloaded it).


the mccollums... said...

oh, how fun!! What a great idea...I should have gotten the receipe from you before but I only have one more day of preschool, so I will have to wait until next year!

Looks like the kids had a great time and cute ornaments that they can keep forever!

Katy said...

so funny about the nsync song - that's so funny!! my boys love the grinch song (very embarrassing) and rudolph this week...nothing "spiritual" about either, but they've been having such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog. Christian is such a cutie. Checking your blog makes us feel very connected to you, despite the miles. Thanks for your comments about Olivia. She was having a good day today (unlike yesterday!). She was crying when I arrived but stopped for a second to acknowledge my presence! I was able to hold her which we loved! Unfortunately, her stats went down because I was cuddling her too much! She had to go back to bed and "sprawl out" to maximize her respiration. We still had fun! I even got a few smiles! Keep the prayers going. It's the best medicine. Suzanne