Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo Shoot

We were riding in the car on our way to get these pictures taken and Abby said, "Look Auntie Judy, I'm bringing along my most beautiful smile (and she demonstrated her smile). " Then she said, "Just in case you don't like that one, I've got another good smile with me too!" She is such a cutie!!!
Christian has never been one for getting professional pictures taken (I've included an example below), but this one actually turned out pretty good. This was Christian's disasterous one year old picture!!! At least it's a funny memory now!
Nathan loved getting his picture taken.
I decided to get these pictures taken as a surprise for my sister, Amy, for Christmas. I went to great lengths to try to pull this off. I went over to her house when she wasn't home to get matching clothes for the kids, I scheduled the appointment during a time when I knew she was working, I had the kids change back into their regular clothes after the photoshoot, etc. All was going according to plan until Amy walked in the door to my house to pick up her kids. Amy didn't even have her coat off and Abby said, "Mommy, you're just going to love the surprise pictures we took for you." Lesson learned; four year olds cannot keep secrets!!
Just a reminder: These are copyrighted pictures, so please don't print them out!!!


the mccollums... said...

What a great idea...Amy will still be surprised by the beautiful pictures that were taken! I love that pic that you included of Christian when he was 1. That is classic and hilarious!

PS: I think Abby really looks like your brother Tim...the photo shoot picture of the 3 kids is where I can tell the most.


Katy said...

What GREAT pictures they are!!!! It is a FEAT To get pictures of my 3 - you are SUPERWOMAN to get such a good one with all 4!!!!! Amy is going to love it!