Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drum roll please.....

We can now add rolling over to the list of McKenna's tricks. She has reached such a fun age. I love it that she's starting to play and do things.
McKenna loves squash and bananas!

McKenna has her first boo boo right under her eye. She scratched herself because her mommy let her fingernails get too long. Oops!
Somebody does not like tummy time :(
Abby is thrilled that McKenna now owns a pair of Crocs. Abby is so into McKenna's clothes and accessories. She's always looking through McKenna's drawers and oohing and ahhing over everything. When McKenna wore these shoes Abby was showing them to everyone. What is Amy going to do when Abby's a teenager??


Lori said...

Oh, my gosh!!! Is McKenna's hair getting lighter???? I swear she looks just like Chrisitan in the pic where she is on her tummy!!

So glad she decided to roll over for she's mobile. LOL! And...glad she will eat banannas for you..they gave Jacob horrible, screaming in pain, gas. He loves them now, just could never do baby bananas.

Anonymous said...

Since I have Abby & Nate with me while Emma is at swimming lesseons, I asked for their comments. Abby said, "Aunt Judy, those pcitures are so silly." Nate said, "I like the crocs." I don't know if I am spelling crocs correctly or not. Great pictures of our sweet girls.

Katy said...

Her shoes are SO cute!!! And I totally think she looks just like her brother in the picture on her tummy - so cute!