Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Strawberry Patch

Look at this sign that greets you when you arrive at the strawberry patch! Notice the second to the last that hysterical or what? Of course I read this to the children as a reminder to behave.

We've been wanting to go strawberry picking for about a month now. We tried to go on Memorial Day but the strawberries weren't ready yet, so we finally made it back today. We had a long beautiful trek out to the strawberry patch.
These two little boys are becoming true buddies. I think they've realized that it's a lot more fun to get in trouble as a team than to bug each other. The past two days they have been quite the troublesome duo.
The only reason we were able to go to the strawberry patch today was because Grandmom was with us. My sister is out of town for a few days so Grandmom is here to help out.

Notice the "prize" strawberry that Emma is holding. She and Abby were in constant competition to see who could find the biggest strawberry.

Christian was soley focused on picking strawberries for about 20 min. then he and Nate decided that running around and finding rocks and sticks was more interesting.
Nathan didn't pick, he just ate. Notice the red stained chin!
After about his 15th strawberry we told him not to eat anymore because we didn't want him to get sick to his stomach. He didn't listen, he just shoved them in his mouth when we weren't looking.
Abby had a great time and told us over and over how fun this was.
Emma insisted on wearing her bonnet and a skirt today. I guess she was going with a "little house on the praire" look. She totally created this outfit on her own.
Abby and Nate were happy to head home so they could eat some more strawberries. Christian and Emma didn't want to leave because the fun part for them was the picking. Even with lots of coaxing and sugar they won't even try one. In case you're wondering; McKenna did go to the strawberry patch with us but she slept the entire time in her stroller.
Grandmom, Abby, Nate and I just enjoyed some strawberry shortcake after dinner! Maybe one day Emma and Christian will realize what they're missing.


Erin said...

No fair. We missed our season. And we wanted grandmom and pop pop to come too. You have all the luck. Glad it was such a grand adventure. Nate is my kinda of boy! Why pick to bring home to clean to eat eventually anyway. It is much more fun just to eat while you are there. And I know all about tag teaming trouble makers. It only becomes more fun as they realize one can be the distractor while the other does the deed. And they only become more creative. Glad it was such a great time. Emma the bonnet was a nice touch, and Abby your strawberry is still growing so next year it will be the biggest hugest one anyones ever saw! Christian did you find any new rocks to add to the collection of goodies you have already aquired?

Sarah said...

What fun! We didn't make it this year and we are sure missing all of our homemade strawberry jam. I could buy them and make it but it just doesn't feel the same! Strawberry shortcake sounds so good right now! I am glad you were able to take Grandmom along, those will be great memories for you all.

Luis and Christy said...

I love that sign. There is a website about passive-aggressive signs that people submit and this would be a great example about what they put on there. Love it and I love that you pointed it out to the kids.

Anonymous said...


Where did you go strawberry picking??


Heather said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Emma's outfit...I couldn't help but chuckle! Looks like lots of fun, I wanted to go strawberry picking this year, but we didn't makeit...maybe next year when Liam's walking (Ha!)

Christine said...

The first thing I noticed about these pictures was Emma's bonnet (besides the sign, which was hysterica!). I'm pretty sure if I could get away with it I would wear a straw hat when I went strawberry picking, so I understand the bonnet. It's a hat kind of activity. And as frustrating as it must be to have a troublesome duo, it's great to see the two of them getting along. :)

Katy said...

What fun! We love going picking every year and wish we could go every weekend! It's so fun - and what a great reward to get to eat all those yummy berries!

Katy said...

Oh yeah, and the sign!??! That's a RIOT!