Saturday, June 21, 2008

Christian's 3rd Birthday Party - Videos

Happy Birthday Christian!

Christian got a new bike for his birthday from Ryan and I and Grammy and Grampy Chatt. I thought he was going to be really excited about it because he's been talking about wanting a bike for weeks and he even told us he wanted a bell on it. Much to my dismay he took one look at his bike and then went right back to playing with his dinosaur sand toys that Grandmom got him from the Dollar Store. Yup, that right...he prefers the dollar dinos over the beautiful bike we got him. That's a three year old for you!


Jenn said...

no worries, i think he'll get on it in no time! isn't that always how it happens... the child pics the cheaper, more simple toy like a cardboard box over the stuff we think is soooo much better!

Erin said...

Awesome. Adam will enjoy riding with him when we come to MD. How fun.