Monday, June 9, 2008

McKenna's Hospital Visit

This is going to be super quick because I have exactly an hour to get ready for tonight's Vacation Bible School and I still have way too much to get done because my entire weekend was spent taking care of sick kids!!

I took McKenna to the pediatrician's office today.
They sent us to the hospital for lots and lots of tests.
She's had a fever since Friday and they couldn't figure out why.
Thankfully she wasn't admitted.
After several hours of blood being drawn (awful, awful...poor baby),
A chest x-ray (Have you ever seen how they do that for infants?? It's totally torture!! They sit them on something that looks like a tiny bicycle seat and then they strap their torso into a clear plastic tube when their hands above their heads and their face sticking out of a hole. The technicians took forever getting her into the perfect position while she screamed her head off. I did get just a little feisty with them and told them to hurry it up).
and a catheter they determined that she just has a virus.
At least they were thorough and I'll probably sleep better tonight.
Wonder how much all that is going to cost?
She still has a fever that's over 101 degrees.

Christian is totally miserable. Still has a fever of 102. Coughing like crazy! He's asleep on Abby's bed right now with only a pull-up on. He's so HOT. I'm still worried about him.

This is Emma's first day of Summer vacation. Bummer for her! I did get her a milk shake at Burger King, but we haven't gotten to do any of the fun stuff I had planned. She's swimming in the pool right now and I'm hanging out in the kitchen so I can see her.

Gotta go!!

Please pray that Christian will start to improve! I hate to see him like this.


The Marklund's said...

aww, i feel so bad. i will pray...

Luis and Christy said...

Your job never ends! I know the kids feel so much comfort having you there with them.

The Chatt Pack said...

I've always referred to that infant chest x-ray device as a real life torture chamber. Who invented that thing, anyway. I request not to use it. Believe it or not, they've never used it on Olivia with all of her x-rays. Maybe because she's a heart kid, but Jack had to use it 1 or 2 times. Once Brooklyn came along, I learned to request the x-rays on the table. That thing is awful - I cried when I saw my child in it! Hope everyone progresses along with the illnesses - thinking of you and keeping everyone in our t's and p's!

Katy said...

Oh man. you hate to have her have to go through all those tests, but at the same time, you want them to be thorough and not miss anything. I am praying that today has been much better for both kids -are YOU holding up through all of this???

Jessica said...

Try garlic. I take it every time I'm getting sick or am sick. A friend rubs garlic oil on her children's feet to reduce fever. You can use garlic oil in the ears too--I've even put it in my nose before. : ) I recommended it to a friend at work who used to be sick all winter--she just loads up on garlic (tabs) and didn't get sick all last winter. They used garlic in WW1 to stop the progression of gangrene. It really is amazing! For children, use the garlic oil at the grocery store. Adults can take capsules or the chew an actual bulb. It's stinky, but it really works!

Heather said...

oh my goodness...lots of prayers coming your way!!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Poor Christian, Poor Baby and mostly Poor Mom! I know this is hard, hard on you! Hang in there. Maybe time to get someone to take over the VBS stuff for you. Don't let yourself get too wore out! Blessings sweet friend!

Heidi said...

We are praying for each of you! Hope the kids start feeling better soon!

Jenn said...

awww, that stinks. i'll continue to pray for your children and quick recoveries. also for VBS and lots of rest for your fam.