Thursday, June 26, 2008

HUGE Answer to Prayer!

I'm so glad that God cares about the little stuff of life! I'm sharing this because it's such a testimony to the grace of God in our lives. When the Marshall kids first moved here last August Christian and Nate did not get along. Really not at all! Christian had an extremely hard time giving up his status as an only child. He cried all the time, was in time out all the time. He didn't share, He hit, He pushed. He was way too aggressive towards Nate and Nate cried about it all the time too. Nate was scared of Christian which pretty much egged Christian on. It got to the point where Christian could point at Nate and Nate would cry. To put it bluntly - it was miserable. I was pregnant and dealing with three little extremely emotional people EVERYDAY. Abby and Nate had their own behavior issues, but I felt that their issues were understandable. They were going through a lot emotionally, but Christian was a different story. I really felt like I was failing as a mother because there was so much unhappiness in my home. I cried, and prayed and cried some more (remember I was pregnant). Everyone kept telling me that it was just a time of adjustment and that things would get better soon...two months later I wasn't buying it. I started reading all kinds of books: Bringing Up Boys, Dare to Discipline, Shepherding a Child's Heart and Don't Make Me Count to Three. All of those are great books by the way, but none of them had the answer to our issues. They all contained great ideas but what I really needed was wisdom. I prayed for wisdom from God. That's all I could do! I didn't go into great detail about our issues in my blog because I was trying to be positive, hoping our relationship issues would improve. I think I was also embarrassed by my son's behavior. He had never had behavior issues at any time before, so this was completely unexpected. Whenever we went to a friend's house he was fine. He was fine at playgroup and church too. He just felt very threatened by having other kids his age in his home, sitting in his mommy's lap, playing with his stuff.

It's been 10 months now. We've all been together for 10 very long months and my prayers have been answered. My home is at peace now! My boy is happy again and he has a new best friend. This whole experience has been a little like carrying a baby around for 9 months. You hope, you pray, it's uncomfortable, there's sleepless nights, you beg God for grace, there are tears, but the end result is the birth of something eternal and beautiful. Just take a look at this beautiful thing that has happened to my two boys (yes, Nate is my boy too! He fills my heart almost as much as my own son does and I know that Amy feels that way about my son too).

Christian rubbing Nate's back as he wakes up from a nap.
The boys choosing to play together at Mikie's.
Wrestling with no one getting hurt.
More wrestling and just for the record Nate is NOT crying.
Off exploring while the girls go strawberry picking.
Racing each other.
When ever these guys are together they always choose to be with each other. Last Sunday Christian cried when I dropped him off at his Sunday School class. He was upset that Nate wasn't there yet. He wanted Nate to go with him.
My heart is full.
Lord you are good!
Thank you God that your mercies are new every morning!


Amy said...

Ok, I cried too. Again. Just reading it. I've been living it with you and praying about it for so long and now that the miracle is in front of us, it's hard to believe. I am so grateful. You've had to bear the brunt of their unhappiness for so long, and you've been so patient and handled it with a tremendous amount of grace. Don't ever think that you aren't a good mom. You are both a wonderful mom and a wonderful aunt. I couldn't ask for a better sister.

Heidi said...

God is so good! Aren't we so fortunate to have Him to cling to in hard times. I love to look back as the clouds settle to see how God has provided. Christian and Nate are so lucky to have each other! Their friendship will only continue to grow stronger as they get older. I'm so glad that things are starting to work out for you. Don't every doubt yourself as a mother or aunt! You are doing a tremendous job and are an encouragement to me!

Jenn said...

it is sooo great to see these boys as "best friends". it kinda reminds me of how your relationship is with amy, even though i wasn't there for it, i feel that they are gonna grow up the best of friends :)

Anonymous said...

You and Amy have truly walked in God's grace for the past 10 many life changes for both of your families. Yet God continues to reveal Himself in every situation. I am excited that the boys are best of friends...what a gift they have been given. YOu are an amazing mother, aunt and sister! I am in awe of what you can accomplish in one day. You are giving those 5 little ones precious, precious memories and showing them God's faithfulness and love each day. Thank you for sharing your lives with us...It is great to watch Christian, McKenna, Emma, Abby and Nate grow up online
Praying for you always!

Christine said...

I'm so happy for you and those boys!! I can't wait to see their faces 10 years from now when you tell them how much they didn't get along when they were younger. They'll be so shocked to know that their best friend wasn't always so friendly.

the*4*of*us said...

that is so sweet!! I bet they are going to grow so close as they get older--how cool to watch that!

Jessica said...

I'm so happy! What a great lesson to learn for the two of them and what a great testimony of God's power and grace and at such a young age too! : )

Heather said...

Praise God for showing His faithfulness, and good job for choosing to show yours! I know it has been hard, but now that 10 month investment has earned your little boy a bestfriend for life. I am so proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...


Katy said...

You are an incredible mom Judy, and an incredible aunt. I've been praying with you for these last many months, and how wonderful it is to see how God has bound their little hearts together. They are going to be the best of friends...and yes, they will continue to fight at times, but they are going to be an incredible team too - bound together. God is SO good!