Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fireworks Season

Fireworks season is in full swing for Ryan right now, although things have been rather calm this year. Since Ryan gets home late most nights we decided to go see him at work tonight. Christian LOVES to go to daddy's work. We got McDonalds for dinner and headed to the TNT warehouse. Ryan's job is really a perfect fit for him. It's got the "blue collar" aspects the farm boy in him loves. And it's got many "white collar" aspects to it that the college grad. needs to stay challenged. Ryan manages the distribution center you'll see in these pictures and he also manages a sales team for their North East division.
Ryan continues to work while we're there, but managed to give Christian a ride in the "big wagon."
Can you see why Daddy's work is so much fun??

Christian's favorite thing to do is play hide and seek in the warehouse. I stay with him the entire time because he really could get lost in the 180,000 sq. foot warehouse and I'm always afraid the incredibly tall stacks of boxes could come tumbling down. So we hide and daddy seeks!
Hmmm.. looking for a good hiding spot.
He found one!


Katy said...

i thought about you guys alot the last week, praying that you got to see your main man at least a little bit! sometimes a visit to daddy's work is JUST what everyone needs!