Saturday, November 29, 2008

Counting Down the Days

As a child Amy, Tim and I always made an advent chain, 25 links in all, and we would cut one off for each day in December as a way to count down to Christmas. Abby, Nate, Christian and I worked on ours last week because December starts on Monday!!!!Each link gets decorated with pictures that remind us of the season; snowmen, baby Jesus, stars, Christmas trees, Candles, snowflakes, ornaments, packages, etc. I was quite impressed with both Christian and Abby this year. Abby learned to write "ho, ho, ho" and Christian really knows how to make a decent snowman, including buttons and arms.

Abby really wanted to write her name on all of her links so no one else would cut hers off, but that's not quite how it works. We each take turns cutting links off and it doesn't really matter who's link you're cutting. Leave it to the middle child to try to make everything fair :)

Nate and I worked together, I would draw a tree and he would decorate it. It was an amazing sight to see three little people all engaged in a project for over 30mins.

Tada...there it is!


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful tradition! .

I love the picture in the background of one of your children
looking in amazement at the beautiful chain.


Sarah said...

we started our chains yesterday and this year we made them for all our friends here in NC... five sets totasl! It was a family night project last Ffiday night. The kids just love this... we also do chains for other things like days till Daddy comes home and when I was pregnant with Scott, we did the last month till my c-sect date.CHristian looks so engaged!

Anonymous said...

We make one every year too. It is fun and simple. Jake loves to rip one off every day!
Hope you all had a good me next time you are in my neck of the woods!Hopefully, the baby will be here by then!