Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Miss Nine Months Old

((Sigh)) Guess who is officially nine months old now? Little Miss McKenna! She is inching closer and closer to the one year mark. It seems to be coming so quickly. There isn't an ounce of newborn left in her. She is a handful to hold. She has no interest in sitting politely. She wants to stand, pull your hair, stick her fingers in your nose, bounce up and down and try to crawl away all at the same time.
McKenna and I have been spending an extra amount of time together these days. She has pneumonia again (she had it in June). She had an x-ray on Saturday that finally confirmed it. This little girl has had her fair share of health issues, mainly respiratory. Unfortunately, she seems to be taking after me as a child and Emma too. This is what our last few months have been like: Aug 27th - first ear infection, Sept. 20th - second ear infection, October 13th - third ear infection (all the same ear), Nov. 8th - pneumonia. That's a lot of antibiotics which isn't good. Lots of stomach issues and a very sore bottom as a result of it all. And sleeping - forget it! For about a month now she's been waking up 3-5 times a night. I usually give up at about 4am and just bring her into bed with me. So we're both pretty tired and if I'm being honest I'm pretty grouchy most days too. I'm trying to enjoy those sweet moments in the middle of the night when she just needs some comfort because her ear hurts or because she's having trouble breathing through her nose. I know that I will long for these days one day, when I'll just want her to need me. When I hold her at night I do stare at her sweet face, perfect little ears and long eye lashes, knowing how blessed I am. Knowing what a miracle she is. Knowing I'm incomplete without her. Just the same, I'm just praying that we can get these respiratory issues straightened out quickly and that they won't keep coming back! Here's McKenna singing in her bed! She can now make a whole host of different sounds. She's quite a noisy girl and can really frustrate her brother when he's trying to watch one of "his shows." My favorites sounds are of course Dada and her latest one MumMum. She's not crawling yet, but she does scoot all over the place. Her favorite thing is standing. She would stand all the time if she could.

And look out, this girl has quite a grip! Christian actually thinks it's really funny when she attacks him. He gets close to her and says "Get me Kenna, get me!" They really have a good time playing together. McKenna's hair has finally started to grow. It's down over her ears just a little bit. She's tried some real food, but doesn't like it. Apparently, canned baby food bananas are much better than the mushed up real thing. Still just the two bottom teeth.
So that's the update on my cutie pie! I hope the next nine months don't go by this fast!
"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." 1 John 1:16


Heidi said...

I can't believe she's that old already! Isn't amazing how time goes so fast! She is such a beautiful little girl. So sorry to hear that she's been so sick. We'll be praying for her and strength for you!!

Eddie Sargent said...

I love the last picture, she looks like she is thinking, "You messing with me, huh, you messing with me?" How adorable, definitely not an Innocent look for her. lol. Bless you guys, and hope she gets better quick, and that Ryan continues to recoup quickly!

Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear she's been so sick, that's no fun for anyone. I hope she gets well soon and evryone starts getting more sleep. he is so cute, these last nine months HAVE flown by!

Anonymous said...

She gets cuter by the day...It's amazing that she is already 9 months old. Is she eligible for the Synagis shot? You should ask her pediatrician...especially where she's had so much respiratory issues since birth. That might make for an easier winter.

Katy said...

Oh no - I can't believe pneumonia again. That poor little thing. And I HATE it for you that she's up so much in the nightime! That is rough. What a blessing she is though - she is SO cute! And CHristian better watch out -she's going to get bigger and stronger FAST!

Anonymous said...

McKenna is such a doll baby. I enjoyed my special time with her last week (when Ryan was being the humanitarian). I have to admit, getting her to sleep and to STAY asleep was quite a challange, but I loved every minute of it. Her sweet disposition totally makes up for the cranky times.