Monday, November 24, 2008

Tree Lighting

Friday evening was the start of the official Christmas season for us. We went to our town's annual tree lighting! This is SUCH and exciting event! We went a little early this year to check out some of the downtown shops we never seem to go to.

(Christian and Ellie doing a little Christmas window shopping)

It was sooo cold. I mean really cold. Christian didn't seem to notice at first. Especially since he was enjoying a Christmas cookie.

And his first candy cane of the season!

These are some of our friends that live in the same town that we do and it's been a tradition for all of us to go together to the tree lighting for years. I was disappointed that Ryan couldn't join us. His leg is really, really bothering him. But it was probably good that he stayed home with McKenna because it was FREEZING!

More sweet friends. (Anessa, Carter and Christian)

Isn't this the cutest picture? (Kate with her daddy!)

We all stood in the town square and sang Christmas carols. It was quite a picturesque moment until Christian started crying that his "toes itched." Really his feet were just so cold that his toes got the cold burning feeling. So I sat on the freezing cold pavement with him in my lap rubbing his cold toes. Thankfully he recovered when he realized that everyone was ringing their jingle bells and the countdown to light the tree begun.

I love this picture of Christian's face looking up at the huge Christmas tree all lit up!

And there it is! Not the best picture and of course my camera batteries died right after this picture :(
I got much better pictures last year. Click here to check out last years post.


Katy said...

i remember this post from last year - about how great it is to live in a "small" town that still sings christmas carols around the tree lighting. I LOVE it!