Friday, November 21, 2008

Emma's Big Day! UPDATED with Pictures

Emma before surgery!And Emma after surgery! She looks pretty comfy with her Popsicle doesn't she?

Emma is getting tubes put in her ears right now! She is also having her adenoids removed. I talked to her this morning and she didn't sound nervous at all! Her mom and dad are both with her. So pray for Emma if you think of it. Pray that these tubes are the answer for her. That they result in healing for her little ears! I'll give you another update tonight to let you know how things went!


Emma's surgery was a success. She was nervous, but the nurses quickly got her relaxed and she was giggling and joking around with them in no time. Amy was able to stay with her until she fell asleep. Em woke up in the recovery room by herself, but Amy said that didn't seem to bother her. Emma is home now resting with her daddy and Amy went back to work. So far Emma hasn't been sick at all, which is a huge answer to prayer! She's eaten a few soft things and will be heading to her dad's house this weekend! So thanks for praying. Emma is quite the little patient! Now lets just hope this is the end of the ear infections!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, please let us know how she is. Anessa has been talking about it for awhile w/ us. We prayed for Emma this morning walking out to the bus. I am so thankful for their friendship! It is neat to hear Anessa say that she prayed w/ Emma out at recess about her surgery.

Anonymous said...

Emma, I'm praying for you. Aunt Anna :)

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Here's hoping that the surgery will be a huge success and no more ear problems for sweet Emma!

heatherlm said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Judy. We really appreciate it! Glad to hear all went well. She's a trooper! Please let her know that we've been thinking about her(Abby, Nate, and Amy too).~Love, Heather

Kristi said...

hi Em.
I'm so proud of you!!!!
I had tubes put in my ears when I was your age too. They were awesome and helped so much with my hearing. I'm praying for you.
Kristi :)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet that Anessa prayed with Emma at recess. Thank you Jesus for precious Christian friends! PopPop and I prayed for her this morning also. We are so glad that everything went well.

Jenn said...

em, you must have been sooo brave! i'll be praying that you recover with no problems. take it easy girl :)

the mccollums... said...

yeah for Emma!! we hope you have a speedy are so loved!