Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blog World Meet the Real World

Remember awhile ago when I asked all the blog "lurkers" out there to "delurk?" Well, Wendy actually did. Along with a few other people. Wendy actually found my blog through a rabbit trail of other blogs. I guess we really have Olivia to thank for bringing us together. She was our connecting thread. Well, after reading Wendy's blog it occurred to me that I thought she might live near my parents. So we emailed and became Facebook friends and figured out that she lives only about 20 min. from my parents. So this weekend she was brave enough to come to my parent's house so we could meet. And so the blog world collided with the real world and I now have a new friend. You would think that two blogging moms would have taken tons of pictures of our first meeting, but we were too busy talking and sharing all the details of life that we don't necessarily put on our blogs. So I ended up with only three pictures. Christian had a blast playing with "J" who just turned five.

The boys explored the woods, rode bikes, climbed trees, climbed in my brother's old tree house (that's "J" up there in this picture) and ran all around finding the perfect hiking sticks. It was very fun for them.
Wendy, It was so fun to meet you in real life. I'm going to have to move your link on the left hand side of my blog to the section that says "People I Know in Real Life." Good luck with the new little girl you're expecting. I hope these last few weeks go by joyfully and quickly! I know it's a busy season! The next time I see you you'll probably be holding a sweet little girl in your arms. I can't wait to meet her!
Your real life friend,


the mccollums... said...

seems like you guys had a great time together...this is so great! I will have to check out her blog for myself. any blog friend of judy's is a blog friend of mine! :)

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to have our worlds collide! I believe everything happens for a reason so you and I must have been destined to be friends! :) Facebook me your email and home addresses, I can send you the pictures I took- I took a few more.Thanks for the encouragement on my little one arriving soon....Pray for everything to go ok!
Can't wait to see you all again!

Katy said...

How fun is that!!! That's the coolest!