Tuesday, November 18, 2008


That's how long my husband has been gone! He headed to Alabama to his company's headquarters last Wednesday and we are counting down the hours until he gets home tomorrow. Christian has done a great job of talking to him on the phone, which is a big deal because he hates to talk on the phone. Christian mainly wants to talk to him to tell him what a good boy he has been (even though that's not the whole truth) in the hopes of scoring a surprise when Daddy gets home. So it's been a long week, but we've kept ourselves busy with just a little Christmas decorating (I know, I know it's so early!)
Thank you to those of you who have asked how Ryan is doing post bone marrow harvest. Unfortunately, Ryan has had a complication. Something is just not right with his left leg. When Ryan originally woke up from surgery his left leg was in a horrible cramp. The entire leg from butt to heel. And that cramp has never really gone away. It was horrible and he was in tremendous pain for about two hours following the surgery. Prescription pain medications have helped, but it seems like something was injured during the procedure. The doctors at Georgetown Univ. Hospital are aware of it and Ryan might go back to have it checked out. Right now Ryan is trying to wait it out to see if it improves on it's own. He's been stretching and walking and those things seem to help. Taking some anti-imflamatory medication would probably help, but he can't take them because they interfere with how your blood clots and that's important for him right now. We think it's a muscular problem and it could be related to a previous hamstring injury. This is not a complication that is common. In fact I'm not sure anyone else has ever had it, so it really could be related to Ryan's previous injury. So keep praying for him. This has certainly been unexpected, but something we feel like we can straighten out with time.
We haven't heard anything about the patient and we don't expect to hear anything for about six more weeks. Not to worry - I'll let you know when we know something!


the*4*of*us said...

we'll be praying for Ryan. hey, ask him if his company hq is off of I-59?
do you realize you said the meds affect his blog clotting? :)

Katy said...

we'll be praying. i had no idea he was out of town all this week - ugh! some time off for thanksgiving will be nice for all of you then. i'll be praying that this setback will be temporary and will clear up on his own, but do keep us posted!