Friday, November 7, 2008

The Bumbo vs. The Box

This is the rather pricey Bumbo seat that hardly got any use because she figured out how to flip herself out of it.This is the box that has gotten tons of use. I've been warned that there will be crying if I ever throw it out.
The box might be so popular because it also comes with a brother that loves to pretend it's a car.

The box gets pushed everywhere and also gets filled up with lots of baby toys! I'm not sure who likes it more the driver or the passenger!


heatherlm said...

Ha ha! Tyler used to "ride" around the living room in a Pampers box. Too cute!

Katy said...

that's so cute...and so true! They always love the boxes much more than the actual toy!! i borrowed a bumbo from a friend and liked it, but never would have paid the $40 for it. they're in it too short of a time!!!

Heather said...

Looks like fun! We didn't get much use out of our bumbo was disappointing!

Jenn said...

haha, go figure... gotta love that the homemade toy is sooo much cooler than the real seat!!!