Thursday, May 22, 2008

We've Been Busy

Life's been pretty sweet lately....busy, but good.

Abby at our last playgroup of the school year.
This picture brings incredible joy to my heart. I love it that these three choose to play with one another, even when they have 20 other kids they could be playing with. We've come a long way! Oh dear, now I'm crying just thinking about how far we've come.
Abby loved the water balloon toss.
That night after our playgroup Christian actually prayed and thanked God for water balloons. He really loves water balloons!
The boys checking out their loot from the candy scramble.

While Ryan was traveling we decided to surprise him by painting a wall in the kitchen. Christian loved helping with this activity.
Believe it or not, he didn't get any paint on himself!

This little girl just goes with the flow. She was sitting in her high chair today and Nate was standing on one side of her, Christian was standing on the other side. They would crouch down and then jump back up and yell "peek-a-boo." The poor girl was terrified, she startled ever time but she never did cry. She's getting used to all the attention. Nathan gives her a lot of attention. He is constantly putting a blanket on her and giving her toys.


Erin said...

Great pics Judy. I don't think there is anyway in heaven I would try to paint with my 3 helping me. Nope! Not ever going to happen. I love the color though. OUr first house had a red acent wall in the living room and dining room. I miss color so much! The kids look great. And Quin fully understands annoyance by older kids. Sometimes he just wants his space.

Heather said...

Christian can come paint for me anytime...I am terrible at it and alwys end up covered in paint!

Jenn said...

wow, very brave to let him help you out in painting your wall... but very great for allowing the kids to do messy but fun activities. life would be soooo boring if you can't let kids be kids right!

The Marklund's said...

i love that red color for a kitchen! that will look soo nice!

Katy said...

How fabulous to catch up with these picturse!!! I love the red accent wall - beautiful! And sweet McKenna - she is constantly being entertained isn't she? :)