Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's 7:40am right now and Abby just arrived at my house. Her first question: "Where is my favorite pink dress?" Heaven was in the laundry because she already wore it all day yesterday, but apparently she's going to wear it all day again today. I told her we have to wash it after today!! So thank you Miss. Laurie the dresses are a huge hit. Emma wore hers to school yesterday too, but thankfully I get to wash that one. She wouldn't dare wear the same thing to school two days in a row!! The boys love their froggy shirts. I think frogs are Nathan's favorite animal. He thinks it sounds like a frog when water goes down the drain in the tub. He also thinks his PopPop sounds like a frog when he burps, but we won't get into that! These are our very first popsicles that we made. Emma's is apple juice and Christian's is lemonade. The kids have been loving making these and the neighbor kids want some too. They came over and had popsicles with us and now they want their own. So thank you Christi for giving us this fun gift. I actually had a video of the kids eating their popsicles, but I accidentally deleted it, so I'll have to get another one sometime!
Christian's new favorite pajamas!! He looks so cute in them!! Thanks Jenn!


Jenn said...

i love the pink dress! miss laurie always gets the best clothes :)
when you mentioned frogs it reminded me of when i was helping pack up amy's back in ma and nathan literally thought there was a frog in my salad!!! he kept saying "ribbit, ribbit" too cute!
yaaay, he fits in the pj's! i love him :)

Katy said...

we make those popsicles all summer long - haven't pulled out the molds yet, but it's almost time! Love it!